工作ing together, we prevent substance abuse by promoting 健康的 and positive choices.


Natrona县预防联盟 recognizes a concern of substance abuse and misuse in our community. We work together to address these concerns and prevent substance abuse by promoting 健康的 and positive choices.


  1. We are dedicated to providing 健康的, substance free 活动 for our youth

  2. We provide funding for many after school programs in the community. 

  3. We sponsor educational events that promote substance abuse prevention.

  4. 我们每月开会审查数据, 目标需求, 开发计划, 实施减少饮酒的策略, 烟草, 药物使用, 和暴力. 

  5. We collaborate with community agencies to promote community-wide awareness of issues around substance use. 


工作ing together, we prevent substance abuse by promoting 健康的 and positive choices.



Natrona县预防联盟 (澳门赌场网络平台) was formed by Mercer House (now known as 美世家庭资源中心) in July 2002 to address growing concerns about substance abuse in the community.  Today, 澳门赌场网络平台 is a thriving coalition of over 50 members agencies, businesses, and concerned citizens.  

从历史上看, 澳门赌场网络平台 has been responsible for conducting and holding multiple 自由物质 events for the community throughout the year.  美世家庭资源中心 is the lead agency for 澳门赌场网络平台 and acts as the Coalition's fiscal agent. 美世家庭资源中心 provides education, 咨询, and prevention services that build stronger and healthier youth 和家庭 in our community. For more information on all the prevention and intervention services provided by 美世家庭资源中心 click 在这里.  

Funding for 澳门赌场网络平台 first came from the Drug Free Communities Grant; a Federal Grant which assisted with the creation of the coalition and the development strategies for community-wide substance abuse prevention.  The 21st Century State Incentive Grant focused on reducing substance use and abuse with community-wide environmental strategies and provided afterschool programming.  This two-pronged approach has been the organizational structure since 澳门赌场网络平台's inception.

多年来, 澳门赌场网络平台 has received the following Federal and State grants to work towards providing 健康的 and positive choices in the community, 在减少物质使用的同时:

  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) - Cohorts 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12

  • 无毒社区-第1-5年 & 6-10

  • 马上停止行动

  • 战略预防框架

  • 美国国家航空航天局

  • 核心

Money from local foundations has been received along with business grants, 包括:蓝信封健康基金, City of Casper Promotions, 麦克默里基金会, 沃尔玛, 怀俄明社区基金会, 和齐默尔曼基金会.  Additional support has come in the form of donations, 志愿者, 合作伙伴关系, 社区参与. 

澳门赌场网络平台 members meet monthly to share their personal and/or respective agency's efforts toward the Coalition's mission.  Monthly meeting allow for consistent assessment of coalition goals and 活动, provides the opportunity for members and their agencies to seek coalition support, and helps ensure agencies' efforts aren't being duplicated. 




澳门赌场网络平台 meets monthly as a large group the first Tuesday of every month.  另外, t在这里 is a Parenting and Family Subcommittee and a Community Prevention Strategies Group Subcommittee that also both meet monthly.  澳门赌场网络平台 is the advisory committee for the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grants. 澳门赌场网络平台 is also partnered with the local Youth Empowerment Council to provide youth leadership opportunities each week. 


The family and parenting subcommittee is responsible for addressing the needs of Natrona County children, 父母, 和家庭.  The committee organizes several events throughout the year to provide access to information, 活动, and provide a 自由物质 space for families.  这些活动目前包括:

-家庭游戏之夜 (Yearly event - usually planned for February)
-社区宝宝派对 (Yearly event- usually planned for April)

上午10点开会.m. 每月第四个星期四
Chair: Anna La Torre

Community Prevention Strategies Group subcommittee (CPSG)

CPSG subcommittee is responsible for addressing substance abuse prevention throughout the community. The committee works with several local agencies to identify areas of substance abuse, 收集数据, and brain-storm possible solutions to current substance abuse issues. 

下午2点开会.m. the first Tuesday of each month (after the main 澳门赌场网络平台 meeting)
Chair: Sheena Hixson

AFTER-SCHOOL Programs (Nita M Lowey 21st Century community learning centers)

澳门赌场网络平台 is the advisory council for the Nita M Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Center (21 CCLC) federal after-school grant programs.  该项目目前正在运行第12班.  The goal of 21CCLC programs are to provide a safe, 健康的, positive place for youth and children to engage in afterschool learning that connects school day learning to real world experiences. Each center promotes learning and leadership, 提供丰富活动, 鼓励家庭参与.

 在这里了解更多信息: 目前有21个CCLC项目


In coordination with 澳门赌场网络平台's community needs assessment, the 青年赋权委员会(YEC) recognizes the voices and insights of the youth of Casper. 通过亲社会, 自由物质, 充满乐趣的活动, YEC is a unique program that is led by youth; for youth.

YEC meets every Thursday at 美世家庭资源中心 from 6:00pm-7:00pm.


“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says, 'I'm possible!'”